Ziploc Ad Campaign

Project Overview

Ziploc is a company that provides storages for food to stay fresh, and for life to stay organized, so the user can spend time more on what it is important. The storages come in various sizes and containers to accommodate to the user and object needs.

This project aims to the importance of storages and focus on our daily lives with expanding the product to be more useful and interactive. Earlier this year Puerto Rico was hit by a hurricane Maria and was left without water, electricity transportation and many other things. The holidays being around the corner our focus is to bring the support and the holiday spirit to the island in their current desperate needs. Ziploc Gives Back ad campaign not only the user will benefit but the donations will given to Puerto Rico to restore their home and needs.

The members of the group were Nanette Bernella, Ben Beyer, Marlene Gallegos and Tirah Kensinger (me).


We began the process by deciding what the problem by brain dumping ideas

After coming up with multiple ideas, we polished and narrowed our ideas down and applied them to each 23 marketing strategies.


We agreed to share the 23 strategies evenly and come with few sketches each. Here are some examples.


After deciding to focus on the holiday theme, we storyboarded and then made lists of different, well-known sayings for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Then we sketched some ideas.


From there, we went to the computer and made a mock up poster.

Color Palette and Font

We went with a color palette for the background that while in the theme of Christmas, a muted and less saturated color palette. The text is in an off-white to keep the image the center of the ad. We used Helvetica Regular for the font to also keep it less based on the text.